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A huge thank you to the Word Guild for awarding Hope for the Hopeless: The Charles Mulli Mission the Culture Award this year. If you would like to read this sequel please feel free to check out the amazon link under 'books'.

All proceeds and author royalties are used to support my wonderful MCF brothers and sisters! Please check out

If you have not yet read the original - please see Father to the Fatherless: The Charles Mulli Story. Thank you to all of you who have read either or both books. You have really made a difference for eternity in the lives of MCF children. God bless each of you and be encouraged to use the gifts God has given you.


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Father to the Fatherless – The Motion Picture

Father to the Fatherless is the film adaptation of the true story of a six year old Kenyan boy named Charles Mulli who is abused by his father and wakes up one morning to discover his family has abandoned him. He goes from hut to hut begging for food, gets kicked out of school for not having the required fees and works odd jobs to survive. Later, he starts a small taxi business that grows bigger, and then he branches out into oil and gas distribution, property management, real estate and insurance. He becomes a multimillionaire and is successful to such an extent that he even knows the president of the country. But then one day, God calls Mulli to sell everything he has, to go into slums and to rescue street children. Today he looks after more than 2,000 children.


Father To The Fatherless: The Charles Mulli Story